How Do Australians Like To Give?

How do Australians Say They Like to Give?

Whilst the single most important question we need to ask is why people give, it is useful to know how they give.

We surveyed over 2,000 Australians to find out how they most like to give and how many charities they support in each way.

It is not surprising that the most popular ways were those that were impulsive and low value (putting money in a tin or buying products where some of the funds go to the cause)or had a direct return to the donor ( lotteries).  Around 40% of people claim to have made a regular monthly donation with just under half of those making more than one donation in this way.

There is a strong correlation between the method of giving and the claimed annual amount donated to charities. Almost 28% of the people who made regular gifts donated over $500 per year whilst of the far more common lottery buyers only 31% said they contributed more than $100 per year.  In fact, lottery buyers were the least likely to contribute over $500 with just 10% doing so compared to petition signers (17%) and volunteers (16%).

More are specialist fundraising and marketing consultants who are fascinated by what people do…and why they do it. We have conducted more than 20 research projects for not for profit organisations. To find out why your donors do what they do and how to get them to do more – call us.


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