I am passionate about achieving social change to address the pressing issues we face in society. I use my experience in communications and marketing to support organisations who want to raise more money or mobilise movements of people to take greater action. I have spent over 25 years in the charity sector building on my commercial marketing and advertising experience and have been lucky enough to work in some great mission led organisatuionas during my charity career. Over time, my passion for understanding what drives pro-social behaviour has led me into a range of experiences as a social researcher which I use to inform, brand and fundraising communications, marketing and innovation advice to my clients.


Strategic Communications; Brand development and Fundraising proposition strategies, qualitative market research facilitation and quantitative research management. Innovation and new product development programs; Corporate Partnerships and Major Donors.

Qualifications / training

Multiple qualifications in the University of Life – building on my original degree and postgrad studies

“Gavin was a great to work with at Cancer Research UK. His imaginative and strategic approach provided great stimulus for our work on innovation. He had a tenacious desire to ensure we were focused on supporter needs, not just our own fundraising requirements”

Rob Cummins

Head of Fundraising Strategy and Operations at NSPCC