Coronavirus impact on Fundaising

Let’s get the FACTS – what is actually happening to fundraising results?

The uniting refrain for this pandemic is “we’re all in this together”. So a group of Australia’s leading specialist fundraising consultancies have come together to collect and interpret the data on what is actually happening in fundraising right now. But we can only get good insights with good data – and we need your active participation today.

To look at what is really happening in fundraising we want to collect your fundraising income to compare 2020 to 2019. As things are changing rapidly we will conduct monthly analysis for April, May and June – giving you a clear picture of trends in fundraising as they happen. But we also know that income is only one vital factor so each expert has defined some key indicators for each area of fundraising that will help you make informed, strategic decisions to position you in the best way for the post coronavirus world.

In return for providing data on your results and key indicators you will receive a monthly trends report comparing your results to others in the sector as well as insights and observations from the panel of experts. All at no cost.

A few principles:

  • Your results will not be shared with any other charity, in fact telling us your organisational name is optional!
  • Fast is more important than perfect – we need data by Thursday 25th of June.
  • Only those who provide data will get the full report on trends by activity (though full results may be shared with FIA for lobbying purposes only)
  • Simple beats sophistication – we know there are heaps of factors at play but right now we need the simplest measures (we are ignoring costs, salaries and super detailed metrics). Fill in what you can


  • Changes in income by organisation (anonymous), by size, by income stream, by sector and by fundraising reliance.
  • Changes in key indicator metrics (high-low-median)
  • Commentary on trends from industry specialists
  • Comparison and context against other benchmarks conducted by More Strategic, Xponential and IVE

Data supply

You can complete the attached template and email it to

Or use the online portal here and enter your data Coronavirus impact on fundraising – getting the facts.

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