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One of the wonderful and defining characteristics of the “profit for purpose” world is the willingness to share information and experiences so that every organisation can have a greater impact. Below you will find publications, links and articles that we think are useful for anyone working in or with the not for profit sector.

We think these are great reads for anyone trying to drive social change or fundraising success:

Creating High Impact Non-Profits, Heather McLeod Grant and Leslie R Crutchfield,
Published by Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fall 2007.

Based on a study of hundreds of US NFP’s this book describes the X habits of those that have highest impact.

Good To Great, James C Collins, Published by William Collins, 2001.
This book aims to describe how companies transition from being average companies to great companies and how companies can fail to make that transition.
Leadership Without Easy Answers,  Ronald  A Heifetz, Published by The Belknap Press of Harvard Press, 1994.
This book presents an essential new theory of leadership to address the complex challenges that public and private sector leaders are forced to contend with in their professions. It offers a practical approach to leadership for those who lead as well as those who look to them for answers. The author sets out clear, concrete prescriptions for anyone who needs to take the lead in almost any situation, under almost any organisational conditions, not matter who is in charge. His strategy applies equally to those who are in charge and those who must lead without authority.

Here are just a few of the website that we love to use:

www.sofii.org Probably the greatest source of inspiration and great ideas to emulate in fundraising. We love this site and regularly trawl through for the latest and greatest examples of fundraising from across the world.
www.trendwatching.com If you are seeking inspiration from outside the normal thinking of NFP’s then this is the place. Packed with weird and wonderful examples of emerging trends from the world of marketing it is always good to see what is coming over the horizon and explore who it can be adapted for not for profits.
www.osocio.org The very best social marketing campaigns from around the world all in one place, excellently catalogued and easy to search. Another great site for inspiration and ideas.
www.fpmagazine.com.au  Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine is an absolute goldmine of information – an must read for anyone who takes fundraising seriously. If you have missed out on some of the exceptional articles in past magazines – don’t panic, you can find them here.

Whitepaper 2013: How Much Goes to the Cause?

The largest study in Australia into public perceptions of the costs of charities, this paper reveals the disappointment gap and the correlation between amount given and perceived costs.

Whitepaper: Peer to Peer Fundraising Insights 2014

More’s research is based on data supplied by 5,500 fundraisers and survey responses from over 1,000 people fundraising for 223 charities. We can conclude that Peer to Peer fundraising continues to grow in value but charities must be more proactive in recruiting committed fundraisers.

€Being a featured charity will provide more fundraisers but the impulsive sign ups are lower value and least likely to continue their relationship with you. €Treat your peer to peer fundraisers like major donors and take them on a tailored journey to their next experience of supporting you.

More@ You Tube: The Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score is used widely to measure how satisfied and engaged people are with the companies they buy products from. Do You know what your Net Promoter Score is for your donors?

More@You Tube: Satisfaction

We know it’s important to have satisfied donors who actually feel appreciated for what they do. Would you like to know how satisfied your donors are?

More@You Tube: Supporter Engagement Survey

It’s not enough these days to have satisfied supporters, we need to have people who are engaged and committed to our mission. Do you know how engaged your supporters are?

More@You Tube: Supporter Engagement Survey Overview

The Supporter Engagement Survey takes the ‘What’ data (recency, frequency  and value) and adds that to the ‘Why’ data (people’s opinions of why they support charities and motivations). This will allow charities to form lifelong relationships with their donors.

Diagram: The Donor Belief Christmas Tree

What drives giving behaviour? This simple model looks at the hierarchy of donor needs that influence donor behaviour.

Diagram: Virtuous Circle of Charity Marketing

Illustrates the role that everyone has in supporting fundraising.

Diagram: Peer to Peer Online Triangle

Shows the relationship between the cause and challenge in determining P2P fundraising income.

Diagram: People, Process, Culture

Many Not-For-Profits experience challenges with working across federations and departments. Working in an integrated way across departments can deliver stronger social and organizational marketing benefits ,whilst working more effectively across federated organisations can improve access to resources and talent.