MoreStrategic_SalesPresentation_FINAL_3.pdfJoin Our 2016 Events Benchmarking Study – Download your information pack here!

Our study will cover both Charity Owned (mass participation/peer to peer/community fundraising/merchandise) and Third Party Events (multi-charity events/beneficiary events). Participating in our Events Benchmarking Study will help you:


  • Discover insights from the sector on the current event landscape
  • Focus on what is important to your charity
  • Grow you events with clear strategies or tactics

If you would like to participate or find out more contact Martin Paul by completing our online form below:

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MoreStrategic_SupportEngagement_eBook Cover ShotDo You Know Your Supporters?

Most data analysis tells you what your supporters have done. But to succeed in building lifelong relationships you must understand why they do what they do.More’s research compares engagement and satisfaction across charities and across donor type, value and longevity to reveal who they really are and why they do what they do. Our ebook Supporter Engagement reveals, for each type of donor:

their satisfaction

their Net Promoter Score

their level of engagement

how they rate communications

their character and personal values

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The Seven Secrets to Growing Your Community Fundraising Income

The Seven Secrets to Growing Your Community Fundraising 2015

Community Fundraising is generally the last item on the ‘To Do List’ within a fundraising portfolio, yet this form of fundraising has grown in popularity, especially with the rise of social media.  Research conducted in April 2014 reveals that many Australian charities are missing out on a potentially lucrative income stream because they are not applying core fundraising practices.

Charities need to utilise the internal fundraising knowledge and insights that they apply to other portfolios to their community fundraising program. They need to understand the importance of investing in this area and nurture these highly engaged supporters.

Peer to Peer Fundraising Insights 2014 Final Cover

 Peer to Peer Fundraising Insights 2014

More’s research is based on data supplied by 5,500 fundraisers and survey responses from over 1,000 people fundraising for 223 charities. We can conclude that Peer to Peer fundraising continues to grow in value but charities must be more proactive in recruiting committed fundraisers.

Being a featured charity will provide more fundraisers but the impulsive sign ups are lower in value and least likely to continue their relationship with you. Treat your peer to peer fundraisers like major donors and take them on a journey to their next experience of supporting you.

How Much Gets to the Cause? 2103

The largest study in Australia into public perceptions of the costs of charities, this paper reveals the disappointment gap and the correlation between the amount given and perceived costs.